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 Модел 12 SB 2021N
Extremely small, powerful and lightweight 12 "bass box type bass reflex. Its weight and size make it comfortable to hang. Good power provides ample opportunity. 2 neodymium 12 "4" bobbin speakers, 2 KW AES, 4 Ω, 96 dB W / m.

Model 12 SB 2021N

Price: 1392.00 lev
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Модел 15 SB 1021
The model 15 SB 1021 is specialized and is made only by order of the client. Subwoofer, bass reflex type with 1 x 15 "4" spool speaker. The speaker used allows good sound at low and full power. Suitable for theaters, community centers, clubs, orchestras and more. There are wide opportunities for any type of activity. Especially suitable for Line array system. Technical parameters: AES power 1000 W, 8 Ω, 100 dB W / m, maximum sound pressure 136 dB. Frequency band -10 dB, 30-180 Hz

Мodel 15 SB 1021

Price: 1164.00 lev
Availability: With order
MODEL 15SB 1021
Low frequency bass reflex speaker system with 2x15 "speakers on 4" spools. The speakers used allow for good sound at low and full power. Suitable for clubs, orchestras and small halls. Its design allows only 1 1200 W AES, 4 Ω, 95 dB W / m to be used.

Мodel 15 SB 1221

Price: 1248.00 lev
Availability: With order
Модел 15 SB 2021
Powerful bass box designed for use in large halls. It can be used for theaters, community centers, concert halls, discos, orchestras and more. Bass reflex type with very good tune-in sound, plus high power will do an excellent job. 2 pieces 15 "speakers on 4" spools. 2 КW AES, 4 Ω, 98dB W / m.

Model 15 SB 2021

Price: 2496.00 lev
Availability: With order
Модел 18 SB 1021
In recent years, double 18 "bass has become a trend. High volume is collected in one volume, which makes them convenient for building large concern systems. We offer a standard subwoofer that will meet the requirements for functionality and reliability. There are 2 speakers installed on 3 "bobbin, 1 kW AES, 4 Ω, 98 dB W / m.

Model 18 SB 1021

Price: 1230.00 lev
Availability: With order
Модел 18 SB 2021
Powerful dual 18 "subwoofer with direct radiation The tolerable size, weight and high power make it convenient for building large concert systems, discos, clubs and orchestras. W / m.

Model 18 SB 2021

Price: 1572.00 lev
Availability: With order
Модел 18 SB 2521N
This is the most powerful bass box we offer. The speakers are neodymium with high parameters, making it convenient to build POWERFUL MOBILE SYSTEMS, Discos, clubs, orchestras and more 2 neodymium 18 "4" spool speakers, 2.5 kW AES, 4 4, 98 dB W / m.

Мodel 18 SB 2521

Price: 1998.00 lev
Availability: With order