Миксер YOUMIX-402 MEDIA - Робокс ЕООД
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Миксер YOUMIX-402 MEDIA 8-CHANNEL PROFESSIONAL MIXER WITH MEDIA PLAYER, BT AND DIGITAL MULTI EFFECT YouMix series combines maximum portability with preamp quality, and filters and controls accuracy. The use of high quality SMD components allow us to concentrate functions that normally require much more space, such as the 60mm volume sliders, the SOLO function, a single display for both digital multi-effect and USB player, the BT connection. This series includes two models with 2 and 4 mic/line channels (plus 2 Line stereo inputs): YouMix-202 Media and YouMIx-402 Media. They are ideal for live music, home recording, podcasting, and all those applications where you need to integrate all main functions of a professional mixing console into a single tool. The mic preamps offer high headroom and low noise, to guarantee a clean and natural sound with all source types: condenser microphones (with +48V Phantom Power), dynamic mics, line signals and high impedance instruments. The digital multi-effect offers 256 presets that cover all the most used effects (Room, Hall, Vocal, and Plate reverbs; Delay; Echo; Chorus; Flanger, and Combo). The USB player accepts files in MP3 format (up to 48kHz – 32-bit @ 320kbps); the BT receiver assures professional audio streaming. Both use one of the two stereo Line inputs and offer the advantage of in-line channel controls (Gain, 2-band EQ, FX Send, Pan and Solo). YouMix essentially represents the compact solution with superior performance to all those mixing requirements where the quality of the result cannot be secondary. Key Features:

        Миксер YOUMIX-402 MEDIA

     Основни функции:
  • 8-Channel Professional Mixing Console
  • 4 Mic preamps with high-headroom & low-noise
  • 2 Stereo channels and 1 separate stereo tape In/Out channel
  • BT Stereo audio wireless connection with in-line channel controls
  • USB Player with in-line channel controls
  • 24-bit Digital Multi Effect with 256 Presets
  • Balanced 1/4" (6.3mm) jacks on all Mic/Stereo LIne channels
  • Stereo Balanced Output with XLR; Stereo Control Room Outputs with ¼” Jack
  • 3-band EQ on all mono channels; 2-band EQ on stereo channels
  • 60mm Volume slider on each channel and Main Output
  • Aux/Eff Send controls on all channels
  • Aux/Eff Return with 60mm slider for optimal level adjustment
  • Control Room/Headphones output with dedicated volume control
  • Built-in +48V phantom power for condenser microphones

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